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Harrington Diving & Marine Services, LLC offers services such as diver or Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspections, aquatic invasive species education, removal and mitigation, water tank inspection, wastewater treatment facility inspection, dock/pier/bulkhead inspection rehabilitation, maintenance, installation and removal, dredging, salvage and ship husbandry. All services rendered use surface supplied air and SCUBA techniques where applicable. HDMS can not only provide exceptional underwater services but high quality engineering reporting services along with underwater blueprints to better equip the client and topside personnel in managing projects for waterfront structures.


Dive Inspections

We can provide several choices to help you understand the conditions of your structure below the waterline. These options include high quality dive inspections with experienced certified commercial divers, underwater acoustic imaging, and high-resolution multi-beam hydrographic surveys. Each one uses the latest technologies to collect data and create the detailed information that you need to monitor your structures. Our divers are experienced and commercially certified with the knowledge necessary to perform a thorough underwater inspection. ​

Piers, Floating Docks, Bulkheads, Boats, Ships, Water Tanks, Seawall, Confined Space Entry, Wastewater Treatment, Bridges, Culverts & More...


Aquatic Invasive Species Removal

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing aquatic invasive species removal. Our team has extensive experience with all methods of nuisance aquatic plant control. We use manual and mechanical methods in sync based on your specific waterfront to pull aquatic weeds at the root to achieve a remediated lake bottom free of weeds for swim areas, beach areas and around docks and piers.

Serving the Following Lakes:

  • Candlewood Lake, CT

  • Lake Lillinonah, CT

  • Lake Quasapaug, CT

  • Bantam Lake, CT

  • Lake Waramaug, CT

  • Lake Oskawana, NY

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Dock & Waterfront Repair Services

Our team can transform your dock to new condition by painting, re-floating and re-decking. Whether your dock just needs a few updates or total refurbishing, we can help. If you are a do it yourself person, we can offer all the materials needed and even throw in expert advice. Some of our Services Include:

  • Dock, Catwalk & Gangway Repairs

  • Float Replacement Service

  • Anchor Block Service

  • Install, Repair or Replace Dock Chains

  • Replacing Treated Decking

  • Replacing all Boat Bumpers

  • Staining and Sealing & Repainting of Dock Surfaces

  • Pressure Washing of Dock Structures 

  • Seawall Repair

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Recovery Services

Our team at Harrington Diving & Marine Services has completed over 50 salvage projects for local marinas, residents, state agencies and various insurance companies. We have lifted boats, vehicles, jet skis, and motorcycles that have sunk in lakes, rivers and ocean waters. We use certified divers to locate the lost items and with lift bags or a barge and crane, remove the object from the water and transport it to a safe area designated by the authority. These situations include hard groundings; sinkings; collisions; break-aways from moorings, buoys or docks.


If you are in need of immediate assistance please call our office at (860) 488-0988 or click here to leave us a message and a team member will respond as soon as possible.


ROV, Video & Photography Services

A Remotely Operated Vehicle, or ROV, can play an important role for our crews. ROVs assist with preliminary inspections that assess underwater structures for damage or corrosion as well as evaluate the underwater environment for potential risks, making them an invaluable tool for working in areas with strong currents, dangerous obstacles, or contaminated waters. HDMS uses ROVs for many types of underwater inspections including structure inspections of piers, docks and bridges, but one of most common uses for an ROV is performing potable water tank inspections. ROVs can handle projects of any size and have the ability to be customized with a variety of accessories including cameras, sonar, and radiation detectors.

Diving Services

We have ADCI certified commercial divers working in the greater NYC area conducting marine construction, rehabilitation, engineering, and inspection work.

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Environmental Services

Our divers are experienced under water and water front experts with the knowledge necessary to perform a thorough underwater construction job safely, on time and within budget.  


Custom Dock Building

We offer custom built, affordable, quality docks, boat houses and docking systems. Personalized, friendly dock sales and service backed by great prices.

Construction Tools
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